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Korean Thanksgiving at MCS September 15-21, 2016 Newsletter #6

It was Korean Thanksgiving this week, so we celebrated in a variety of ways. Mrs. Lee had her Korean class make some dolls dressed in the traditional hanbok. They also learned some origami and created their own hanboks which later decorated the notice board and made a very colorful display about Korea. The Elementary played a Korean game called Utnori.

Then, this Friday, many Korean parents came to prepare a traditional feast for us all. The new Korean ambassador and his wife came for this special celebration. It was a blessing to have these guests come to see the school, have lunch and pray for us, as they are Christians. (I may have more pictures for you later.)

More good weather helped the Elementary enjoy their campout. They played lots of games in the comfortable grounds at Khaira Gali. Here is more from Uncle Isaiah…

The first thing on Saturday morning, we gave Josh a surprise birthday celebration with gifts and chocolate cake with peach topping! The children had woken up very early in keen anticipation of the trekking trip from Ayubia to Dunga Gali via the pipeline. Miss Logan and Mrs. Raiter joined us for this walk. We had packed hotdogs and fruit for lunch and enjoyed the meal midway through our trekking trip.

We had camp fires both nights, and sang worship songs and enjoyed toasting marshmallows and bread sticks over the fire.

On Sunday, I shared Proverbs 1:1-7 with the campers about wisdom - how to learn to be wise and how the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge which leads to wisdom.

God is good to grant us safety and protection against any injury or harm, and good weather. During the Sunday morning devotion, He gave us clouds to shield us from the sun as we worshipped Him outdoors. Even the insects started 'singing' along with us midway through our worship songs. The kids ended the camp with a game to see who could collect the most litter around the area and Stephen was the one who found the most. Indeed God was glorified on this trip!

Thanks to the Loongs and other staff who went along to help these 8 students have a great experience!

What do empty oatmeal tins, empty milk bottles, peas and a trebuchet have in common? These were all things staff were bringing to school on the van one morning! The tins and bottles were for carnival, the peas were for a science experiment, and the trebuchet was for a history lesson. Staff work hard to make things interesting!

In Chapel, Mr. Strachan, who teaches Science, spoke about what we can learn about God from creation and the study of it. We see God’s love and concern for His creation; we become more aware of our responsibility; we have more awe and praise for God; and all of these affect how we live.

In Church, Mr. Raiter began a 3 part series on the Lord’s Prayer and encouraged us to develop a deeper relationship with God through prayer.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for another fun, challenging and safe campout for Elementary!

Praise for our Korean students and parents who teach us about their culture. We are thankful that we can be one in Christ.

Praise for a fun Carnival for all! (Thanks to everyone who helped! More news in the next newsletter.)

Praise for our MCS Board who is made up of parents, staff and friends of MCS.

Pray for the new staff needed for next semester, especially History and Math; and others for the 2017-18 school year.

Continue to pray for healing for Lisa’s sister, Kay, and for Nancy Stewart as she continues cancer treatment.

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