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MCS Competes in Swimming and Volleyball Sept. 29-Oct. 19, 2016 Newsletter #8

All the students and some staff helpers left after school on Thursday to ISOI for the SAISA Volleyball and Swim Tournaments. Competing against Lahore (LAS) and Islamabad, the teams did very well, considering we are such a small school and that we don’t have a swimming pool! We came in a close 3rd in the swimming.

Because of a security situation, no referees were able to come to the meets, so that meant that many of our students and staff had to be on call to watch the swim lanes or enforce the volleyball rules. Their knowledge of the games and dependability to be fair made them natural choices for this added responsibility and they were very much appreciated.

In volleyball, the SH boys came in 2nd and fought well. The SH girls won their tournament. The Middle School teams came in 3rd.

Thanks to Ulrike for training and coaching the swimming, Benjamin and DongHyuk for training and coaching High school volleyball, and Josia for coaching the Elementary. And thanks to Uncle Hans, our Athletic Director!

Here are a few pictures from the Korean Thanksgiving Feast of a few weeks ago. The ambassador visited us and, of course, everyone enjoyed the food!

It’s a little hard to tell in this picture, but a new addition was made to our school court – yellow lines were added to make 4 badminton courts. The students are really enjoying learning this game for the upcoming SAISA tournament in November. I see them playing during PE classes, after school and even in the evening after supper. The daylight hours are shorter now, so the lights have to be turned on. I think they would be out there at midnight, if we let them!

We are looking forward to seeing what ideas are going to be included in the contests for the design for the new MCS hoodie jackets and the cover of this year’s Kahani. Designs must be in soon. I see many hoodies and T-shirts from past years still being worn, so I know these are really appreciated. And it’s interesting to see the creativity of students and staff as it decorates other school items like the Kahani.

In Church, we watched a dvd sermon by Scott McKay on another part of the Lord’s prayer, temptation. Giving in to temptation makes us weaker; trusting God and allowing Him to use trials to refine us will make us stronger.

*Alumni News*

Recently, Nancy Stewart’s church made a video of her giving her testimony and about her journey through her cancer treatments. It was very well done and gave much glory to God. She is such a faithful example of how to trust the Lord, even when going through a difficult time. Nancy was the Librarian at MCS for many years. If you’d like to see the video, try pasting this into your browser:

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the good Volleyball and Swim tournaments at ISOI!

Praise for God’s presence and faithfulness through our difficulties and temptations!

Praise for the new Secretary, Lisa, being able to come out next week!

Pray for the Girls’ Volleyball team and the Brandts in Muscat, Oman for their tournament

this week.

Pray for the new staff needed for next semester, especially History, Math, art and music; and

others for the 2017-18 school year: House Parents, Nurse, History, Maths, English and

others. See our website for a complete list –

Continue to pray for Lisa’s sister, Kay, and for Nancy Stewart as she continues cancer


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