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MCS Competes in Muscat, Oman! Oct 20-26, 2016 Newsletter #9

Eight of our girls traveled to Muscat, Oman for the SAISA volleyball tournament with 9 other schools from Southeast Asia. Hans and Ulrike Brandt went as coaches and chaperones. Their first and last stops were at the beach! They stayed with host families and shared meals and walks. They were surprised by how big the TAISM school was - about 750 students, and the compound was about four times as big as MCS! They played volleyball all day and had a social night at the school, during which girls played basketball and badminton, or even did some school work!

There was a funny story about how they ended up going for ice cream with TAISM girls; they enjoyed cheering for LINCOLN in the finals because LINCOLN was playing against TAISM—the host school—so most people were only cheering for TAISM and not LINCOLN) At the awards ceremony, Nepal was awarded first place, with MCS coming in a respectable 7th. A late night trip to the mall was enjoyed before heading to the airport for a very early morning flight.

When asked to sum up the trip in a word they said: Exciting, tiring, new experience, good food, friendly people, dreamlike! Well done, girls!

Here is the 5:45 AM send-off that the girls got! Students organized a band for the traditional goodbye and good luck in the tournament! That’s true friendship!!

A few students and staff were invited next door to the Military College Murree special open house time on Saturday. There were speeches, gymnastics and Karate demonstrations, science displays, student playing bagpipes and marching. And they enjoyed a very good lunch!

“Mathletics” took place this week with all of grades 4-8 participating in their free time. Students from this country and all over the world take part in this fun and challenging competition. They could choose topic based questions from the various areas of Maths, like fractions, algebra or linear equations. They might be competing against someone in their own class or someone from another country. Correct answers earned points and the results will be sent to us soon.

This week the Chapel time was moved to Monday so we could hear a Korean guest, Jeon Sang-guk, who is a famous novelist and professor. He wrote Ahbe’s Family, which depicts the time of the Korean War. He gave a copy to our library. Our student, HaeYoung, translated his speech from Korean into English. He writes because he enjoys it, even though sometimes it is painful and a struggle. He encouraged us to use our imaginations to express our emotions.

These elementary boys are certainly enjoying their music lesson with Josia!

In Chapel, Waltraut Lanz, our Board Chairman, spoke of how their family was called to serve in Pakistan in 1999. Her family can see God’s blessings over the years, even though there have been sacrifices.

In Church, Uncle Isaiah began a series on the important aspects of the Christian life. This sermon explained why we can believe the Bible and why we need the Bible. It is our mirror, our sword, our lamp and our lens. He encouraged us to “dive deep” into the Word and obey!

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for the rewarding trip to Oman for the Volleyball girls!

Praise for how God can use our unique talents and interests for His glory!

Praise that the new Secretary, Lisa, had a good trip and arrived safely today!

Pray for the political unrest in the country and that we can go ahead with our planned


Pray for the new staff needed for next semester, especially History, Math, art and music; and

others for the 2017-18 school year: House Parents, Nurse, History, Maths, English and

others. See our website for a complete list –

Continue to pray for Lisa’s sister, Kay, and for Nancy Stewart as she continues cancer


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