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Routine Days with Something New! Oct 27-Nov 2, 2016 Newsletter #10

There was something new at MCS! Two Kung Fu classes! Since the Kung Fu demonstration at the Carnival by Mr. Bruce Li, students have been looking forward to his coming again to teach them some moves. As you can see from the photos and the students' expressions, they really loved it. But after having classes on Saturday and Sunday, their muscles were aching on Monday! It is really quite strenuous exercise!

Some weekend activities recently for Elementary included playing cricket, having a jumping competition and playing hide and seek in the dark.

The Senior High also enjoyed night games – this was especially exciting and challenging around the forest at Sandes!

There are other activities besides sports! The Grade 11 boys enjoyed lunch and shopping in Murree with Aunty Chris while the girls were away in Oman.

The Junior High played games in the gym and had a movie night.

Students lead Youth Group each Friday night with worship and devotions.

There was a wedding recently that some staff attended for one of our cooks, Saqib. It is an honor for them to have staff represent the school at an event like this and staff enjoy this very different experience!

In their free time, there are always students playing badminton, working or playing games on computers and studying. Some like to work out in the Blue Room. I have heard groups practicing Christmas music since it’s not far away!

This is in addition to after school practices for the Drama and Elementary play, choir and worship team.

So, you can imagine the planning that goes into all these activities! Staff and the student Activities Committees plan for transportation and necessary equipment and make sure that there is coordination among all the groups. Even though we are small in number, there are always a lot of activities happening here!

In Church, Mr. Strachan continued the series on Christian living with a meditation on what it means to have fellowship. We should be living stones that humbly build His church by serving and loving.

Praises and Prayer Requests:

Praise for chances to exercise our minds and bodies!

Praise for a variety of activities and the opportunities to use our gifts and develop

new ones!

Praise that the political unrest has quieted down for now and our scheduled

activities can go ahead.

Pray for students in grades 4-8 who will take IOWA exams next week.

Pray for the upcoming Drama, Androcles and the Lion.

Pray for the Track and Field and Badminton preparation for the tournaments.

Pray for the new staff needed for next semester, especially History, Math, art and

music; And others for the 2017-18 school year: House Parents, Nurse, History, Maths, English and others. See our website for a complete list –

Continue to pray for Lisa’s sister, Kay, and for Nancy Stewart as she continues

cancer treatment.

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